Dogs and cats that are healthy, happy…and vegetarian!

VeggieAnimals was created in 2014, specialising in manufacturing and distributing 100% plant-based food for dogs and cats. It started off as a personal project of vegan activist Sonia España, who decided to launch a vegan pet-food brand in this country.

The VeggieAnimals pet-food formula came out of two years of clinical studies and analyses backed up by an expert veterinary team. Made in Barcelona, VeggieAnimals pet foods are currently available on the Peninsula, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Portugal.

The result is an ethical plant-based product for a growing segment of consumers who are committed to the ethics of veganism (that it isn’t necessary for animals to suffer, be exploited and die so that our pets can eat).


When VeggieAnimals came to Xoo Studio, it was an amateur e-commerce site. Although the product was more artisanal than professional (there was a lot left to

do in terms of packaging, labelling, logistics and delivery, physical points of sale, etc.), the volume of online sales was already impressive.

The good level of sales, interest in the product on social media and the founder’s firm convictions encouraged the leap towards professionalising the project. This is how Xoo Studio got involved in the first website for a Spanish brand of veggie pet food. Woof!


VeggieAnimals is a carefully designed and thought-out e-commerce site. Aware of the fact that it is a novel product, which can incite interest, doubts and probably suspicion in equal parts, the website has loads of detailed information on the product, its nutritional characteristics and advantages.

It is a highly visual website, designed with commercial advertising criteria in mind, with a fresh look that conveys the warmth and love we have for our pets.

On top of all this, it is also highly user friendly, making it simple and practical to place an order, and on the administrative side offers all the advantages of the Prestashop platform, personalised so the sales team can manage pricing, discounts, logistics and transport, stock, client registry, etc. in a secure, practical manner.

Do you know what’s in your dog’s treats?

In addition to being an ethical product, VeggieAnimals pet foods are better quality than other commercial pet food. They don’t have any toxins, hormones, medications, addictive substances or chemical flavourings, which are found in most mass-consumption pet-food brands. And that wins people over. Because once you know, it’s hard to go back: we all want our pets to be happy and well fed.

Brands full of values

VeggieAnimals is much more than a business model and its products are much more than just food for dogs and cats. The great added value in defence of the rights and freedom of animals is an integral part.

And this is why the website is much more than just a shop. Part of the profits go back to animals, through projects and donating food to associations, shelters and humane societies, and these organisations get permanently discounted prices on products.

Building real brands. Full of genuine values. With convictions. Born to provide solutions for people (consumers) with similar values and needs. And knowing how to communicate it. This is what this project was all about.


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