You’re surrounded by lime and don’t even know it

Founded in 1952, Ciaries is a company that manufactures and develops top-quality lime-based products and derivatives, working with an amazing range of markets (food, pharmaceuticals, construction and civil works, metallurgy, oil, etc.).

With four headquarters in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Granada), the company currently produces nearly 1,000 tonnes of product daily, which is sold both in Spain (15% of the market share) and abroad, where Ciaries exports its products to 20 countries.


For some companies, a time comes when the gap between the reality of the company and the image it is conveying through its website becomes too big, so the two have to be synced up. This is what happened with Ciaries.

It is a highly industrial company, a clear example of B2B (Business to Business), a leader in the national lime market and a benchmark abroad. But its website was very old and didn’t convey the size, capacities or personality of the company (oddly highly innovative and closely tied to research and development).

So, the company asked Xoo Studio to develop a new website that conveys a modern, active, strong and competitive image. To go no further, a real image of Ciaries.


What makes the new Ciaries website stand out is the simplicity with which all the information is presented.

The page shows what the company is really about, and gives it the size it deserves, with information on its production plants, production volume, research efforts, investment in new technology and eco-friendly production processes, etc.

Yes to flat design

The industrial sector has suffered for a long time under the illusion that design, creativity and image aren’t for them. Total nonsense.

The Ciaries website incorporates, among other things, flat design, specifically a system of icons used to represent different types of lime and the company’s production processes.

We opted for flat design because it allowed us to explain Ciaries’ production processes much more precisely, and much more attractively than with photos (a lime factory, no matter how clean, is a dusty, not very attractive space). So, why not use flat design if it conveys our message more clearly and attractively?

Sales are a must

The Ciaries website, in addition to emphasising the company’s corporate side, also gives extensive information on the products and derivatives the company produces.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to offer potential customers all sorts of information on the company’s production capacities, even detailing the delivery format available, sea and land transport, and all the markets it works in.

The result is a website designed to make current customers feel secure and boost loyalty, while also explaining to potential customers, in a memorable, professional way, that perhaps in the future they will end up in a commercial relationship together.


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