Xoo Studio is very good at everything

because each of us is very good at something.

We’re a design and communication studio. Small structure. Quick response. Warm relationship.

Sharp thinking.

We help brands and companies from all sectors achieve their goals.

In positioning. In image. In sales.

We like to get off the beaten path. Breaking stereotypes.  Innovating.  Surprising.  We develop communication strategies and images for our clients that are unique, powerful, and set them apart. If you want to break out of “the same old story”, you would do well with us.

We’re friendly. Serious. Attentive. Generous. Professional, of course. And we love it when a client ends an email or sentence with “What would you do?”. When that happens, we’re one. That’s how we like to work.

Make demands. It’s only fair. And trust us. Together, we’ll be a one-of-a-kind team that can do it all. This is Xoo Studio.

Our capacities



Brand identity
Brand engagement
Storytelling (discourse and positioning)



Graphic design
Editorial design
Stand design



Web design and programming
Digital strategies
Online advertising
Creating contents
Community management



Digital illustration
2D and 3D animation

How we work

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Some brands want change, but they don’t know which direction to go in. Some companies want to stand out, but they haven’t identified what makes them unique. Some products want to be sold, but they don’t connect with the people who would want to buy them. There are brands with insecurities. Corporations with doubts. Products that aren’t well defined.

At Xoo Studio, strategising is the start of any project. In this phase, we look at the goals. We integrate the strengths. We identify weaknesses and hurdles along the road. We calibrate the context. We redefine goals. We establish a hierarchy. We set deadlines. In this phase, we use our heads (and our experience).

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Letting the job flow from rational towards creativity. Putting the strategy into words and gestures.

At Xoo Studio we look for inspiration everywhere. The streets are inspiring. The Internet is inspiring. TV series are inspiring. Competition is inspiring. Our neighbour is inspiring. And from this inspiration comes the idea that pursues the goal. And a style is established. The right word. Colour. Shape. It all fits and is adjusted down to the last millimetre.

In this phase, we use our imagination.

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Returning from the realm of creativity to practicality in order to get things started. Coming back down to earth. Exchanging muses for excels. Negotiating purchases. Controlling spending.

At Xoo Studio we carry out projects that can materialise through common sense. That stick to the established budget. That are delivered on time. That have a good return. That involve the most appropriate professionals. This photographer. That illustrator. This printer.

In this phase, we use common sense and our contacts.

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Finally, it is time for the final assessment. Compiling remarks. Making note of results. Listening to opinions. Sharing anecdotes.

In this phase, we take the experience on board. And this helps us to get a bit better every day.

Who’s who?

EDU xoostudio


Trained in computer software development. Web programmer and multimedia animator.

On. Online. Always connected. Real-time announcer of any sort of rumour, confirmed or not. Fond of algorithms and Google robots. Serial lover. Competitive, rabble-rouser, athlete. The boss of indoor football. Jazzman. Amateur pastry chef. One sentence: “Have you guys heard…”.

MIA xoostudio


Born professionally after being well cooked at Elisava. Currently art director. With an innate gift for graphic, plastic and aesthetic common sense. Quick, effective, with vision. A thunderclap of design. The best place to get recommendations for charming hotels. She’s never happier than when she has a pair of skis strapped to her feet. One sentence: “What do you need? Just ask.”



Originally from fine arts and adopted by the world of advertising and graphic design. Art director. Great creative and artistic vision, surrounded by an unusual critical spirit. Skilled at retouching. Perfectionist. Regular user of two-wheeled vehicles.  Mountain climber. Loves collecting and eating sea urchins straight from the rocks. One sentence: “Nothing is easy.”

SILVIA xoostudio


Trained in journalism and advertising communication. Specialised in business communication. Communication advisor and accounts manager.  Strategic vision and thinking orientated.  A gift for the written word. Intuitive. Quick. Versatile. Tends to enjoy anything eaten with chopsticks. One sentence: “This morning I was thinking…”