should be close at hand

L’Asseguradora Mútua Terrassa is the insurance branch of the Mútua de Terrassa healthcare group, a large corporation active mainly in Catalonia that manages 20 of their own or private healthcare/hospital centres, geriatric residences, day centres, centres for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health centres, employing more than 4,000 people.

In the insurance arena, L’Asseguradora Mútua Terrassa currently covers nearly 50,000 people, with annual premiums of more than €11.1 million, offering health, life, accident, unemployment, death and collective bargaining agreement coverage.


The last quarter of the year is a strategic moment for the healthcare insurance market to attract new policyholders. It is the time when most insurance policyholders have the option to cancel their policy and move to a different company.

Taking advantage of this, and the high switch rates, each year, all the insurance companies launch advertising and communication campaigns in these months to attract new clients.

This annual health insurance campaign was how we started working with L’Asseguradora Mútua Terrassa, a company we have later developed all sorts of actions for, in other insurance segments.


According to the data, there are two moments in a person’s life when they tend to take out an insurance policy: young couples who are going to have a baby and young families with small children.

Xoo Studio created a campaign targeting these segments, planned over a full mix of media, both online (website, campaign landing site, Google display campaign, Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and offline (city buses, MUPIs, press, radio, point-of-sale advertising, office signs, etc.).

We’re all
a bit narcissistic

Let’s call it empathy. Or narcissism. Or egocentricity. The truth is that we connect with and are attracted to things that we identify with and that we need.

This is used all the time in advertising: kids like adverts with toys, adults with pets pay attention to pet-food adverts, women to cosmetics, older people to dental prosthetics, etc.

So, the stars of our campaign were chosen with the gaze of those like them in mind, the target of a health insurance policy. Because, yes, pregnant women look at other pregnant women.

We are here, by your side

“By your side”. That phrase used soooooo much in advertising. “By your side”. And if you want to take out a policy, you call a 900 number, or worse, a 902, and you get put on to someone with an accent that sounds suspiciously like it is coming from overseas.

Most insurance companies sell you on the idea of being “close”, but the truth is none of them can say they’re in the same city as their clients. Or better yet, that they are from there. If policyholders have a problem they can call, or even go into the offices, and everything will be dealt with directly, on a personal basis.

Proximity and ties to the territory (Terrassa), a great unique selling point and something we appreciate more and more, were one of the key focal points for the campaign.

A symbol of identity

Symbols are a strategic graphic resource in building brand identity. They make it a bit easier for our audience to identify the brand. With L’Asseguradora, the particular apostrophe in the logo is a highly identifiable graphic element that has been emphasised in order to build the brand. 

In addition to this graphic resource, all the communication for L’Asseguradora has the same elements, as it should: using the corporate orange that identifies L’Asseguradora as a member of the Mútua Terrassa group, people at the centre, photos that stay away from stereotypes and stock photos, clean graphics.

And so, with this consistent approach, little by little, campaign by campaign, a brand has become a solid reality in the consumers’ minds.


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