Just a polo… Apparently

Batech is a Catalan fashion brand whose star product is a men’s polo shirt.

The product combines design, comfort and technology, made of a special fabric that gives it very special virtues (breathable, no-iron and antibacterial).

In 2014, the brand launched its first collection of polo shirts. Since then, they have expanded the product range to create summer and winter collections and a line of sweatshirts.


After completing the research, technical development and design phase for the first collection, in 2014 Batech came to Xoo Studio with the naming and brand already developed, but in need of a brand identity and discourse, and needing to apply it to their universe of communication pieces in contact with the product.

The challenge was to convey that it is a product with very special technical specifications, that make life easier for men today.


Xoo Studio created an identity universe for the brand that leaves nothing to chance: everything is carefully designed to seduce young, elegant yet informal, urban, current, intelligent, practical men with a certain level of purchasing power.

Much better to suggest

A Batech polo isn’t just a polo shirt. What makes it different is the technology and fabrics it is made of, which give it very special virtues.

To emphasise this unique selling point in a suggestive way, we created the brand tagline “Sólo un polo, aparentemente” (Just a polo, apparently). This suggests the product is hiding some important information.

This important information, its technical advantages, are conveyed graphically using symbols to represent the product’s technical characteristics. As this is very important information, these technical characteristics play a very important role in the product communications.

The importance of details

At Batech, image is meticulously crafted. The choice of paper for the product tags, the delivery packaging, the retail bags, the brand applications for the point of sale…nothing is left to chance. Everything has the same style: clean, contained elegance.

Enamouring the consumer

The product is presented in the following way: “A Batech polo isn’t just a polo shirt”.  An introduction that brings up questions that inspire customers to keep reading to find out more. The idea is to seduce the consumer, to engage them, to make them feel proud to be associated with the brand. To build community.


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