When the A has a grave accent

Banco Sabadell is the fourth-largest private banking group in Spain, with various banks, brands, subsidiaries and participated companies that cover all areas of the financial arena.

With its origins in Catalonia, where it has a strong commercial presence, Banco Sabadell is a sponsor and patron of numerous social, cultural and sporting events.

One of them is Setmana del Llibre en Català, which focuses on the world of works published in Catalan, and which Banco Sabadell sponsors.


All of the companies participating in the event have their own natural wood stand, which they can personalise to reflect their own style.

As Banco Sabadell was one of the official sponsors, the aim was to convey the group’s support for the Catalan language and publishing sector. What did we do?


One of the most identifiable elements of Catalan, and one that sets it apart from Spanish, is its written accents. While Spanish only has one type of accent (the acute accent), in Catalan vowels A, E and O can have either a grave or acute accent. This grave accent is a symbol of what sets Catalan apart.

So we made it the star of the campaign, as the accent on the letter A made out of an open book.

The communication focused on the message “Posem l’accent en el català” (Let’s accent Catalan). This showed Banco Sabadell’s support for the Catalan language and publishing industry.

Highly conceptual graphics, restrained and clean, like everything we are used to seeing from this banking group.


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