And the best Russian ballerinas will dance for you

Centre Cultural Terrassa is a top-notch cultural facility. It offers a wide range of cultural activities for all audiences, with a stable programming of fine and performing arts with noteworthy presence of dance and circus. Plus, the centre also offers live concerts, theatre, classical music and educational activities associated with the most noteworthy performances and exhibitions.


Centre Cultural Terrassa aims to be a benchmark in culture and art in Catalonia. And they have the merit to do so, as each year the best international companies, especially in dance, pass through this facility.

Although the programme is on par with the best cultural facilities in Barcelona, its main handicap is that it isn’t located in the capital. The challenge, then, was to put the centre on par with its programming and find its place on the national stage in order to attract audience from all over Catalonia, not only Terrassa. And to do so, it was essential to give it a new image.  That’s how we started.


The first intervention at Centre Cultural Terrassa was to modernise the brand. Because if you want to be a benchmark in performance, art and modernity, you have to look the part.

Boosting visibility

As the name is long, we opted to create a symbol. We were looking for something powerful, something that would attract attention. Not  only in Terrassa, but in Barcelona and other cities in the metropolitan area, too.

So, we came up with a symbol using the two Cs of Centre Cultural to represent the viewer’s eyes, framed by a black cube that transmits solidity, power and determination.

Lights, camera…Action!

One of the places where the Centre Cultural Terrassa brand looks best is on the sign on the outside of the building. The signs were created with 3D letters and, for the symbol, we made a cube with the laser-cut symbol with led light inside. At night, the lit-up sign is quite spectacular, giving the building glamour and status.

Making rules

As the centre has an internal design department, after coming up with the brand, Xoo Studio’s task was to create the new graphic lines for a wide variety of communication pieces announcing events (press adverts, street banners, posters, online banners, newsletters, etc.). Then, the internal design department was able to take care of all the adaptations.

Tell me in colours

Centre Cultural Terrassa has a stable season of activities in various art disciplines. To differentiate and keep them straight, we proposed colour coding.

Black: institutional/corporate communications; dark blue: dance; light blue: circus; green: music and concerts; orange: theatre; grey: exhibitions.


Identity. Brand. Design. Signs. Signage. Space design. Advertising. Graphic line.