There (finally) is some accounting for taste

Ducros is a subsidiary of McCormick & Company (an international group in the food sector) that specialises in herbs and spices. The company has been in Spain since 1984 and is currently the number one provider of pepper, herbs, spices and seasonings in Spain.

Aware of its importance in the food and restaurant business, the brand carries out numerous activities to help develop the sector. One of them is the “Flavour Trends” project, in which renowned chefs, kitchen professionals, experts in trends and food technology predict global trends in flavours for the coming years.


The conclusions of the “Flavour Trends” study show how tastes have changed around the world. Because, although it may seem odd, we don’t like the same things now as we did 30 years ago. Our palettes have become more accustomed to exotic spices, flavour combinations, new ingredients… National cuisines have merged into something like world food.

The challenge Ducros posed was to bring the results of this study (trends in flavour) to the general public and to associate these trends with Ducros products. A very tasty challenge!


Chilli. Coriander. Curry. Annatto. Guava… What do they all have in common? Their flavours are global trends.

At Xoo Studio we decided the best way to talk about these flavours was to put the theory into practice. So we invited some consumers to don an apron and get cooking.

Honey, let’s try something different tonight

Xoo Studio designed and printed the “Flavour Trends” recipe book for Ducros, with 5 flavour trends identified by Ducros experts and 16 recipes showcasing these flavours.

A taste for spice. Fans of Mexican flavours. The growing interest in aromatic, spiced Indian cuisine… All of these flavours are trendy and represented in original recipes that entice readers to get into the kitchen and try.


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