Give me a triangle and I’ll conquer the world

Infosa is the company that operates the Trinidad salt flats in the Ebro Delta Nature Reserve (Tarragona).

It is one of the main producers of sea salt in Spain.

Infosa produces natural salt, obtained ecologically,

taking advantage of the natural activity of the Mediterranean Sea. Plus, it all takes place in an area the UNESCO has recently designated a Natural Biosphere Reserve.

The Trinidad salt flats currently produce up to 90 tonnes of salt, which Infosa markets in over 30 countries around the world, in 2 segments: industry (B2B) and food (end consumer).


When Xoo Studio began working for Infosa, the company needed a new image to break into international markets. The American market, for example, had great potential. But it was impossible to tackle it with an out-dated industrial image that wasn’t very attractive.

So the challenge was to modernise the company’s image, while also tidying it up, because of the company’s wide range of salt products and numerous target markets.


We started out by restyling the Infosa brand, keeping and highlighting the brand symbol (after being redesigned): a triangle that represents the mountain salt stored in after harvesting.

And so the triangle was born

The symbol of the salt mountain, or triangle, is very powerful graphically. So Xoo Studio took back the symbol, and started playing with it.

Industrial packaging with charisma

Xoo Studio refreshed the company’s whole line of industrial packaging, putting the triangle at the centre of the graphic look and applying colour coding to distinguish the different products (turquoise for pools, green for ecological, blue for wet salt, yellow for deicing salt, etc.).

Natural sea salt vs chemical salt

The salt market is divided into two groups: natural salts and chemical (vacuum) salts. So, specifying and highlighting the “natural” and “sea” origins of the products was a key part of the communication strategy for the company.

The Mediterranean sells (and even more abroad)

On a corporate level, we also worked on the company discourse and positioning. Nature, the fact that the salt flats are in a Natural Biosphere Reserve and that the product is really a natural by-product of the Mediterranean Sea’s activity, these are powerful, highly positive messages to position the Infosa brand.

Because…did you know that more than 300 species of birds nest on the salt flats each year? And Americans love to know they’re buying a product with this added value.

Seducing Chinese consumers

And what do Chinese consumers value? Knowing they are purchasing a European product, which is associated with premium items and a guarantee of quality. Consumers with increasing purchasing power, fed up with a market in which industrial salts are the most common (produced with chemical formulas) and who are enchanted by the natural origin of the product, from a far-off sea, where there are sea gulls, waves and lighthouses…and European-looking fishermen. That’s what global consumers are like.

Consumers of products and beautiful stories.


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