The Japanese giant that loved nature

Kao Chemicals Europe is the European subsidiary of the Kao Corporation (Japan), a global leader in surfactants for consumer products, technical uses, the oil industry, chemical aromas and fragrances, and imaging materials.


Despite being directly associated with the chemical industry, from Kao Japan to its European subsidiary, the whole corporation is firmly orientated towards one goal: respect for nature and the environment. A philosophy that is reflected in the corporate slogan: “Enriching Lives, in harmony with nature”.

When, years ago, Xoo Studio began working on the company’s communications, the challenge was to boost the visibility of the company’s commitment to nature, as well as modernising the image and communication style, which was too technical and industrial.


All of the communication and pieces for Kao Chemicals are based on the premise that they speak for themselves, conveying the company’s dedication to the environment.

The seeds of a better world

Nothing better sums up the Kao Corporation’s commitment to the environment than the corporate catalogue we created for them. We’re not talking about a hard-cover publication on luxury paper. Instead, it is a simple sheet of seed paper (which you can even use to make a delicious salad). On this sheet of paper, there is a QR code that sends users to the digital catalogue. Loads of information without cutting down a single tree.

And what if we recycle?

This same commitment is also visible in the stands Xoo Studio designs for Kao each year. We use eco-friendly materials (recycled cardboard), vertical gardens (with real plants), recycled wood, etc. Soft, rounded shapes, natural green and clean white are always the main focus.

The power of image

Another goal of the actions is to make the company’s commercial communications much more attractive. Although the company’s activity is B2B, the graphic line is based on mass-consumer rules and codes: attractive, suggestive pictures, clear, visual information, infographics, etc.

Nature in the details

Conveying these corporate ties to nature has been extended at Kao to every last detail, including the corporate USBs made of pressed recycled cardboard.

Selling in under a minute

The company also regularly makes short videos, which are an attractive commercial tool to present the specifics and benefits of the company’s products in just seconds.


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