The chameleon
of printed circuit boards

Cipsa Cicuits is an international leader in the sector focusing on manufacturing and marketing printed circuit boards.

Highly competitive, the company has diversified its business lines by creating subsidiaries that specialise in manufacturing high-technology products: Cipsa Circuitos Monocara (high-tech circuits on different base materials, mainly aluminium); Serigrafía Cipsa-Dos (manufacturing keyboards and front pieces), Cipsa Láser (specialising in SMD stencils) and LTP Atelier Plastique (manufacturing plastic boxes without moulds).


Despite being a high-technology company, with close ties to areas like research, innovation and industry, the company wanted to develop a corporate image that would make it stand out in the sector (which is very formal, serious and predictable) with a fresh, ground-breaking image.

As its main identity trait, we identified the great ability CIPSA has had over the years to detect new market needs and anticipate and adapt to changes. What did we come up with?


At Xoo Studio, we thought that a sweet little animal like a chameleon would perfectly convey the company’s skill in adapting to its changing environment. Plus, it would do so in a fresh, fun way. And they loved the idea.

An international chameleon

Cipsa ha portat la gràfica del camaleó al circuit internacional de fires professionals a les quals assisteix anualment, on la gràfica destaca enormement en un sector especialment clàssic, en el qual predomina la imatge del circuit imprès. Aquesta creativitat també s’ha adaptat a tot tipus de suports, entre ells el catàleg corporatiu de la companyia, editat en tres idiomes (anglès, alemany i francès).

Not just any chameleon

To represent CIPSA, we couldn’t use just any chameleon. The company’s chameleon got a bit of a touch up so its skin blends into a printed circuit board.

To further accentuate this texture, for the corporate catalogue we chose textured paper for the covers, reminiscent of reptile scales.

Plus, the chameleon is resting on a big C that imitates the texture and colour of corten steel, a material we’ve used to build signs for the company’s corporate headquarters.

For technicians, technical information

Beyond the smile one might get from looking at the company mascot, CIPSA products are geared towards engineers at companies that manufacture all sorts of electronic parts. Their communication, therefore, is pure B2B, and this requires technical arguments. So, the catalogue also includes technical specifications, which are always important in decision-making.

For this project, the client wanted to combine informal and serious.

 We believe the two can go together, and the result was a total success.


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