Pedal to the metal and sights set on the future

Millions of cars around the world have parts manufactured by Zatorcal. The company was established in 1999 and is devoted 100% to aluminium, magnesium and zamak injection for the automotive sector, specifically for first-tier global leaders in this sector.


As the company was consolidating its position and growing, and after significant works to expand the production plant in Santa Maria de Palautordera (Barcelona), Zatorcal needed that inevitable freshening up of its image that so many companies in the industrial sector require.

To convey the company’s capacities and ambitions, the image needed a full overhaul. Starting with the brand itself, which hadn’t been touched since the company was founded.


We started this project by restyling the Zatorcal brand, updating the colour (adjusting the corporate colours to more modern shades) and the symbol and font (adjusting the proportions of the symbol/logo, updating the font, making the symbol smaller). 

It all starts with a good brand

Any change to a brand, even a restyling, requires the company’s full conviction, as it comes along with many other obligatory investments: swapping the old brand for the new one on stationery, catalogues and other communication pieces, signs, online and on social media, etc.

But it is always worth it. A company can’t expound a discourse based on the future with a brand that speaks of the past. With Zatorcal, once we had the new brand, we updated all the stationery, designed a new corporate catalogue and changed the signage at the production plant, bringing the new brand centre stage.

New website

For a company with clients on an international scale, the website is a great opportunity to explain who they are to the world. The Zatorcal website shows all the company’s products and technology in a highly visual way.

The power of a picture

Zatorcal’s clients are mainly engineers, which means it is essential to give them data. On the new Zatorcal website, the information is shown in a highly visual manner. We’ve made an effort to design tables, graphics and infographics in the flat-design style so that visitors can take the information on board without having to read it. All of this material enriches the page visually, breaking the monotony of text boxes and making it more dynamic.

We’ve also been very careful with the photography, personalising the look with corporate-blue lenses that reinforce the company’s graphic identity.

The result is a new comprehensive image for all uses on and offline, designed to give a great first impression of a company that is ambitious and looking to grow.


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