Exporting silicone to the world

Venair is a large engineering company that designs and manufactures silicone tubes and special pieces. Its products target a wide range of markets, including biotech, aeronautics, motorsports, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. The company has a strong international dimension, with headquarters in 13 countries and exporting its products to over 65 countries around the world.


In 2017, Venair made a significant investment in a new central headquarters (Terrassa, Barcelona) and inaugurated large, modern facilities. The company has a clear desire to evolve.

However, despite being an international benchmark in its sector, its technical catalogues were totally obsolete and the commercial department planned to update them.

The company has many, many different products, broken down into 3 large groups by target market: industrial, biotech and foodpharm. They came to Xoo Studio with this need to modernise and create a unique graphic identity for each of these 3 product lines.


Xoo Studio developed a much more modern and up-to-date graphic image and line for the company. Although the product is B2B, we opted for a fresh, friendly, bright image. How did we do it? Like this…

Venair, in dots

What is the most basic graphic expression of a tube? The cross section of a tube. And how can we represent that graphically?

We’ve got it!

In the new graphic line, dots act as a transversal element to bring cohesiveness (a common denominator) to all of the company’s products.

A colour for each line

We also had to give each of the 3 lines its own identity. We achieved this through colours.

  • Industrial sector

Red (power, movement, activity, action, etc.)

  • Foodpharm sector

Olive green (land, agriculture, nature, life)

  • Biotech sector

Turquoise (medicine, laboratory, surgery, hospital, etc.).

The important bits, crystal clear

The inside of the catalogues show the company’s various products one by one. The Venair silicone tubes are a B2B product with high added value, and the decision to purchase them is strongly tied to their technical characteristics, properties and advantages. So, the catalogue prioritises these features, which are clearly visible and easy for the customer to check.

Highlighting internationalisation

Venair has a firm presence in international markets, which it covers from its 13 headquarters in various countries. Conveying this strong international presence in a noteworthy way is a good sales tool to continue opening up new markets abroad. So, we created a world map, which is updated with new headquarters and sales branches as the company opens them.


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