It’s about lawyers and fiscal advisers. Serious stuff.

Established in 1959, RM Assessors is a benchmark firm in Girona, comprising professionals in different areas: lawyers, administrative managers, property managers, insurance brokers and real estate agents.

A team of more than 30 people with the skills necessary to provide companies with comprehensive service, including guidance on tax, labour, trade and civil issues, as well as defending the company if necessary. An institution in Girona.


RM Assessors is one of the largest and most renowned firms in the city of Girona. Nevertheless, its website was obsolete and the firm needed an updated image and presentation.

The goal was to update it, communicating these concepts: the size, the new services areas the company specialises in, and its history.


To make the new website attractive and modern, it is essential to have good photographic material. In this case, we had to do a whole photo session at the offices.

With this material, we created a website that looks modern, uses the latest web-design standards (full-width) with photography centre stage and details like integrated responsive banners with testimonials, and conveys professionalism and solidity, with the seriousness required of a law firm.

Who’s who: making the professional team visible

One of the things that sets RM apart is its great team of specialists. In order to give this team the visibility it deserves, and show how well-trained and specialised they are, the website includes a directory of professionals with everyone in each area of the firm, their professional profile and contact info.

Making information visual

We created a family of icons representing the firm’s various service areas. This flat graphic design resource, combined with photography, enriches the site visually while also communicating the information visually, without the users having to read it.

Integrating the news blog

One of the greatest successes of this project was integrating the RM news blog into the new image. RM already had a blog, but like the website the look was obsolete. Nevertheless, it was an important tool for communications between the firm and its clients.

In creating the new website, it was important for the blog to also be integrated into the new image, but without losing any of the content that had been generated over years, and that had helped establish the firm’s online positioning. So, the project for the website also covered adapting the blog to the new design, without losing any of its contents. Mission achieved.


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